Steps in short

  1. Install latexmk: sudo dnf install latexmk
  2. Add latex layer to spacemacs:
    • SPC f e d to open the ~.spacemacs file;
    • add latex to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers variable;
    • SPC f e R to download layer and apply changes.
  3. Open a .tex file and compile a pdf with , b or latex/build

If you, like me, enjoy working with 2 windows with code in the first one and the resulting pdf in the second one then do this:

  1. Open a .tex file: C-x C-f
  2. Divide your window in two: SPC w /
  3. Go to the second window and open a pdf that you just build there. If you see pdf as plan text - enable doc-view-mode
  4. Change the .tex, press , b to rebuild and see changes applied in the second window.

two windows with latex and pdf

it's a png so zoon in

Pro tip: regulate the width of both screens with going into window-transient-state (SPC w ,) and pressing [ and ].

Story behind

I like compiling things and having my documents version-controlled, that’s why I like tex. I tried TexMaker and TexStudio but they both have funny UI. I use spacemacs for my day-to-day, so I tried to give it a shot. Turned out it’s quite decent.