Steps in short

  1. Install latest emacs: sudo apt install emacs.
  2. Install latest spacemacs: git clone ~/.emacs.d.
  3. Install lein.
  4. Add clojure layer:
    • SPC f e d to open the ~.spacemacs file;
    • add clojure to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers variable;
    • SPC f e R to download layer and apply changes.

Story behind

So I started Clojure for brave and true by Daniel Higginbotham and the first chapters of it are dedicated to setting up REPL (I guess you can call it clojure shell) and development environment in general. The instructions given are great except they do not work. I tried to install manually CIDER and nREPL and it was terrible, so I gave up on emacs and just started a project in IntelliJ IDEA with Cursive plugin, only to realize that it’s hideous and too heavy of an environment for such a small task. A friend of mine recommended me spacemacs, primarily because it has evil mode, which I, as a devoted vim user, loved absolutely.

Who knew spacemacs had this amazing layer mechanism that helped you install plugin bundles in a second!

After installing it I just used those simple spacemacs key bindings for REPL: SPC m s b to evaluate buffer SPC m s s to switch between REPL and buffer I was before and I was happily coding ever after!

Also, check out these incredible clojure resources:

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